Lawn, Shrub, & Tree Care

Pilcher Property Services can help you get the most from your yard by providing your lawn, shrubs and trees with the care they need throughout the year. From pest control (insects, weeds, and disease) to fertilization, we'll help your property look its best and help your trees and plants grow healthy and strong in Jacksonville, Neptune Beach, FL and surrounding areas.

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Arborjet Tree Injection: A State-of-the-Art Treatment

Pilcher Property Services is certified in Arborjet technology to provide healthy nutrients and insecticide directly to your trees and sealing these chemicals directly inside, thereby helping to provide your trees with the best opportunity to thrive in their environment. Protect your valuable palms, oaks, pines, and ornamentals from disease, insects, and lack of nutrition. A healthy tree has a better chance to survive the stress of storms, construction, and infestation.

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